Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday Stirs Up Controversy with Cosmopolitan UK Cover

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Magazines are usually the ones to cover stories, but Cosmopolitan UK has been making its own headlines with its latest edition.

The magazine made a huge move in the way of body positivity when it released the cover for the October issue. The covergirl is none other than Tess Holliday, a world-famous plus-size model.

The redhead wears a green swimsuit as she blows a kiss to the camera, symbolizing how she “wants the haters to kiss her a**.” In an industry that rarely ever puts someone above a size 6 on a cover, this was a pretty big deal. The mag received lots of praise for its decision, and a lot of people took it as a win for body positivity and body diversity movements.

YouTuber Christine Sydelko, who’s been outspoken about weight and body positivity, also gave a shoutout to the mag.

But of course, there are always haters. A lot of people didn’t have such positive reactions, and many accused Cosmo of “glorifying obesity” and “promoting unhealthy habits.”

Piers Morgan, a British TV commentator, even posted the cover on his own Instagram account and called it “dangerous and misguided.”

However, the model didn’t let the cruel words get to her. She clapped back at the haters in her typical hilarious, no f*cks fashion.

Take that, Piers!