Get Teresa Palmer’s Prom-Perfect Braids in 5 Steps

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Artistic, unique and perfect for girls going for a Bohemian look at prom (or anywhere, really!), we just had to find out how to replicate Teresa Palmer‘s amazing plaits. Hair stylist Alma, who has her own salon in NYC and cares for the tresses of Rosario Dawson and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, broke down the braid how-to in 5 steps!

Don’t be intimidated — you can totally do it! Here’s how:

1. Believe it or not, washing your hair is critical for braids. Why? Well, it’s all about texture. Alma recommends her Almatized Oil Treatment ($50, call to order) to condition your hair, making sure you massage it into your scalp to prevent any flakes the night of. Rinse really well (if it’s too slippery, your braids won’t stay). You can do this the day before the big event if you want to!

2.  Apply Redken’s Full Frame O7 Volumizing Mousse ($15) to wet hair. Rough dry your hair using your fingers and a hair dryer. You want to create as much body as possible.

3. Once your hair is dry, grab a section, and using a 2 inch barrel brush, apply heat to the roots and create lift. As you pull the brush along the length of hair, twist the brush downwards and away from the face, creating a curl. Repeat all over your head.

4. Separate a wide section of hair from behind your ear on one side into three equal parts. Start braiding them together using a Dutch braid technique (the reverse of a French, the braid sits on top of your hair). Travel around your head about 1 inch from your hairline picking up chunky pieces as you go. You might want to get someone’s help for this or practice it a few times before your big night, but it shouldn’t look too tight or perfect. Once you hit the other side of the ear, pick up more hair from the back of your head and pile it into a bun and stick in bobby pins to secure.

5. Once your braid is complete, tuck the ends neatly away and secure with bobby pins. Finish with L’Oreal’s Elnett Hairspray ($14).

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P.S. If you don’t have enough hair, naturally? Just add in temporary extensions! We love Eva Scrivo’s Natural Clip in Hair Extensions ($30), which can also be custom ordered in colors!