7 Ridiculous TV/Movie Face Swaps

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You’ve seen the most ridiculous celebrity face swaps, but we thought we’d take it one step further with even more face-swapping nonsense. This time, we tackled TV and movies. Because, basically, we wanna ruin your mental images of your favorite characters just for fun. Seriously, they’re guaranteed to mess with the all-important part of your brain devoted to storing pop cultural knowledge.

Of course, Edward Cullen’s body/Bella Swan’s face is looking chill, NBD. But check out that grin, courtesy of Robert Pattinson. Not sure what’s the appropriate way to react.

Next Movie

Wonder what Sue would say about Will’s hair now…


Mean Girls
Janis and Damien are BFFs (and even match at the Spring Fling dance),
but even if they trade wardrobes, trading faces might be a bit extreme.


Harry Potter
You be the judge: Would Ron and Hermione’s love last a face swap?
Both Emma Watson and Rupert Grint look pensive.


Gossip Girl
Chuck and Blair can fight this intense even when Ed Westwick’s in a dress.
Leighton Meester still looks boss, obviously.

Tumblr (stuffbybrian)

The Hunger Games
Gotta say, Katniss would probably never be able to work Haymitch’s hairdo… or wardrobe… or apparent lack of posture. But we gotta give Abernathy credit for working Katniss’ hair and sad face.


Pretty Little Liars
Just can’t stop staring at the Toby face/Spencer body mash-up. Like, imagine Keegan Allen with that hairstyle? Straight up Lord of the Rings status. You know, but with a purse and denim blazer and stuff. Spencer-face is just contemplating the fact that they both look ridiculous.


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