Teeth Nails are the Internet’s Newest Beauty Trend and They’re Terrifying

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Wow, you guys! It’s very rare that the Internet shocks and stuns us, but we have to admit, this new nail art trend has us SHOOK. Of course, we were surprised/disturbed to see that pregnant women were getting their ultrasound painted on their nails several weeks ago, but once again, we’re finding ourselves having a similar reaction to the latest nail art to hit the world wide web: teeth nails.

Right about now, you’re probably hoping this new nail art isn’t exactly what it sounds like, but we have bad news… IT IS! The ~interesting~ look is brought to you by @nail_sunny on Instagram because, apparently, someone felt like teeth belong not just in our mouths, but on our fingers, too. Unfortunately, they were wrong. See?

Teeth nails- YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial Video by @edo_movs

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Terrifying, right?! Of course, people are freaking TF out in the comments. One IG user wrote in all caps, “WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS,” while another person added, “I’m emotionally confused by this. I’m repulsed yet intrigued.” Clearly, the people of Instagram have spoken and they’re just as confused as we are. We mean… why would anyone EVER do this?!

Even though this new nail art is, well, one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen in our lives, it is super creative. We just won’t be trying it, like, ever. Ya feel?