11 Teenage Olympians Competing for Team USA in PyeongChang This Year

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Whether you’re in the middle of your teens right now or have already managed to escape them, we all know one thing — those years are hard. Between trying to fit in with your friends, finally getting the attention of your crush, or snagging that scholarship to your dream college, there is WAY too much going 24/7. That’s why most high-schoolers are so dang sleep-deprived.

So riddle us this! How in the world are there more American athletes than we can count on both hands who are great enough to be competing an the Winter Olympics this year? Because that just sounds insane to us! Everyone knows about Chloe Kim and her relatable AF tweets by now, but we are so, SO proud of (and impressed by) ALL of these teenage Olympians on Team USA and we couldn’t pass up the chance to tell you all about them!