Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey Gives Us A Million More Reasons To Fall in Love With Him

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As if you weren’t already obsessed with Taylor Lautner look-alike Tyler Posey? Here’s more ammo for ya: He plays music. In a band. And he likes puppies. And, well, the Teen Wolf star has a lot more super hot qualities as highlighted by his cover story in TROIX magazine.

Lucky for us (and you!), we can see all of them in this behind-the-scenes vid…

That song you hear in the background? It’s called “Footsteps,” and is sung by Tyler and his band, Lost in Kotsko. Kinda catchy, eh? Watch below!

Tyler will be on the Wild for Wolves issue of TROIX magazine. hitting stores May 7! Will you be picking up a copy of the mag? Are you excited for Teen Wolf? Tell us in the comments!