13 Memes That Prove Stydia Would Be Better Than Any Couple on Teen Wolf

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While some Teen Wolf fans are diehard Stiles Stilinski-Derek Hale shippers, others believe Dylan O’Brien’s character belongs with someone else — Lydia Martin. Enter: the Stydia shippers. Sure, Shelley Hennig seems to be quite the fan of the romance Stiles currently has going on with Malia, but to each their own — everyone has a preference.

Even though Stiles and Lydia haven’t ever taken their close bond out of the friend zone quite yet, it seems that many people of the Interwebs are waiting on bated breath for the moment they do. Let’s just say, it’s be a looooonnnnng five seasons for Stydia fans…

1. This is how everyone watches their interactions:

2. #JustSaying

3. Yep, sounds about right!

4. A lot of people love Stalia, but then there are those who don’t…

5. Dylan O’Brien just gets it.

6. Stydia fans can only be patient for so long.


8. Stydia vs. Stalia: The battle of the century:

9. The pain just keeps coming, TBH.

10. *sips tea*

11. We mean, it very well COULD be, but…

12. Dreams DO come true!

13. Looks about right…

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