The Stydia Moment That’s Been 6 Years in the Making Happened on Teen Wolf!

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Like many other teen TV faves, Teen Wolf is coming to an end this year… but you can bet your a** that the showrunners are going to make the final episodes as epic as possible. Just look at what they pulled off on the Season 6 winter finale!

ICYMI last night, the moment that’s been six years in the making actually happened on the MTV television series: Stydia kissed!!! Sure, they’ve locked lips before, but this time it was soooo different. In the words of Mieczyslaw Stiles Stilinski, “Everything’s changed.” (Cue the Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran tune!)


It wasn’t a simple cheek smooch:

Or a lip-lock to sooth a panic attack (though, that’s when Lydia realized her feelings for Stiles):

This was a moment between two people who love each other:

Holland Roden, who brings Lydia Martin to life on the small screen, tried to deflect from what we knew was coming:

But it doesn’t matter ’cause Lydia finally came to her senses:



Dylan O’Brien is the PERFECT Stiles, but imagine if he landed these roles, too: