7 of Your Favorite Teen Wolf Stars You Didn’t Know Had Famous Roommates

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2017 marks a bunch of huge news involving the Teen Wolf cast. It’s the year of all those nudes, the year Stiles’ first name was revealed, the year one of the hotties got engaged IRL and, most importantly, it’s the year that the MTV series is ending.

BUT, until the time comes for us to say goodbye to Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia and the rest of the crew, we’re taking a detour into the lives of the cast members; more specifically, who they choose to be their bunkmates. Some say that Colton Haynes once lived with Chace Crawford or possibly Ryan Guzman, but there’s not enough evidence to support either case. The following, though, have more than enough evidence — from the roomies themselves! Here are seven of your favorite Teen Wolf stars you didn’t know (or maybe you did, but whatevs) had/have famous roommates: