The Teen Wolf Return You’ve Been Waiting for May Be on Its Way!

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In recent seasons, the hotties on Teen Wolf have been dropping like flies. While Cody Christian (and his abs) was recently added to the swoon-worthy cast, which includes Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and Dylan Sprayberry, more heartthrobs have left the series than joined. First there was Colton Haynes (*sigh* Jackson), then along the way we lost Daniel Sharman, Max & Charlie Carver and even series regular Tyler Hoechlin, who was there from the very beginning until the end of Season 4. But, if you read into creator Jeff Davis‘ words, one may be making his return!

At New York Comic-Con 2015, we caught up with Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Christian and Jeff Davis to talk all about what to expect from Season 5B. And, from the sound of it, old favorites are coming back to Beacon Hills! Jeff revealed, “Talia Hale is referenced this season and we’ve been talking about reaching out to Alicia Coppola.”

Wait, here comes the juicy part: “I’ve actually been talking to another representative and manager of another Hale, who I won’t say, about coming back and that would be actually very surprising.” Squee! “We’re always looking for ways to bring people back. If it’s good for the story, then great. We don’t do anything for ratings stunts anymore, because God only knows what goes on with ratings these days. People watch when they want to watch.” Which Hale can he be referring to?? We’re thinking most likely Peter because, you know, he always shows up out of nowhere, but with Braeden’s unexpected appearance at the end of Season 5A, and Derek’s not “complete goodbye,” it’s not out of the question to think Derek would make a comeback, right? Right??

One thing is certain, you need to brace yourself for Deucalion again. Jeff said, “Yes, Deucalion is back. I love Gideon Emery. We had him for the first time on set the other day. He’s so good. These are the things I love being able to tell the fans: He’s not only a great character, but he’s just a great guy. One of the reasons you bring people back sometimes is just because you have so much fun with [them].” But wait, he’s not the only one! “The same thing with JR Bourne (Chris Argent) — we were so excited to have him on set again. Gideon is really fun and hearing him say those lines again. Cody had a great time with him. He was telling me after he did their first scene to write more scenes with them together.”

Teen Wolf, Season 5B airs on MTV starting January 5, 2016. Until then, read our NYCC interview with Tyley Posey!

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