Teen Wolf‘s Arden Cho Admits to Getting Beat Up Over Her Ethnicity

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Teen Wolf, Season 3 is officially over. And while we were absolutely rocked by the results — SPOILERS: Aidan dies! Kate's alive! — there's something even more shocking that we need to discuss about one of the show's stars that's happened in real life.

In an interview with MOCHI magazine, the 28-year-old Korean American actress revealed that, like her TW character, Kira, she's had her share of difficulties in high school. She says, "There are days that I'm reading the script and I'm walking life as Kira, who is new to this school and awkward and dropping books and clumsy and just that girl. It brings back haunting yet kind of fun memories of my high school experience. And it's nice, because the difference is I'm actually accepted at Beacon Hills in the Teen Wolf world. In high school I didn't feel like I ever was."

She continues to mention that, as one of the only non-white students in a majority of her classes, she was discriminated against for her ethnicity. "Here I was at 11, getting beat up for just being me… I was hospitalized twice when I was a kid. I was pushed off a bus… I had two teeth knocked out, a chipped tooth [and] I still wear a wire… my entire face was cut up. It was bad. It took me six months to completely recover."

Fortunately, Teen Wolf's provided her with a positive outlet: "I guess I can say, in a guilty way, I'm totally reliving [high school] in the way that I always hoped it would be."

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