12 Times Teen Wolf‘s Scott McCall Was So Hot You Couldn’t Breathe

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All hail Teen Wolf for giving us some of the hottest guys on TV. Who knew werewolves could be so attractive? But, who’s the hottest of them all? Tyler Posey‘s character, Scott McCall, that’s who! From being a total sweetheart to having a killer body, Scott is super sexy. See his hottest moments that will leave you breathless below. You’re welcome!

1. Those eyes. Without or without the glow, Scott’s eyes are mesmerizing.

Tumblr (mtv)

Tumblr (mtv)

2. Bromance alert. Who doesn’t love Stiles and Scott together? It’s actually unfair to other BFFs that these two are SO good looking.

Tumblr (teenwolf)

Tumblr (teenwolf)

3. That gorgeous smile. Okay, so every time he smiles you swoon, but you can’t help it, just look at that face! He’s SO cute.

Tumblr (youretheonlyfriendsineed)

Tumblr (youretheonlyfriendsineed)

4. Mr. Sporty. Ah a man in uniform, what’s not to like? PS: if this doesn’t make you sweat, we don’t know what will.

5. When he revealed his cool tats. Whether you like a man with tattoos or not, seeing Scott’s killer bod is never a bad thing.

6. Scott knows how to woo the ladies. Admit it, you dream about him saying these words to you too.

7. The wolf. The fact that Scott becomes a wolf every week is so sexy it’s almost hard to describe in words. Just look at the picture, you’ll understand!

8. Party in the woods. You might be more likely to venture into the woods if this hot man-wolf is waiting. He would protect you from all kinds of creatures, which is a bonus.

9. He’s SO intense. Scott speaks the truth, which is totally refreshing. Plus, his intensity when he speaks is a total turn-on.

10. He’s not afraid to be silly. He has a goofball side, which makes him hotter, if that’s even possible.

11. He actually cares. If your heart doesn’t skip a beat whenever Scott takes care of Allison then there is something seriously wrong with you.

12. That body! Need we say more?

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