21 Times Teen Wolf Fans Shipped Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski So Hard

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Move over, Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin shippers, there’s a much better different Teen Wolf fan fave in town: Sterek. The sexual frustration that has existed between Stiles and Derek Hale is literally UNREAL, so we wonder how Jeff Davis writes this stuff and expects people not ship ’em.

Point being, Tee Wolf fans are impatiently waiting for a little Derek and Stiles action to go down (even though the chances of it actually happening are slim — UGH), so in their spare time, they’ve created some of the very best Sterek memes that will give you life. Of course, we came across them and had to share the wealth with you below:

1. Sterek in a nutshell:

2. Way to help a brother out, Derek.

3. By the look of it, it went well:

4. Better late than never?

5. Snapchat flirting like:

6. When the flirting is taken to the next level…

7. Don’t deny it, Derek!

8. OH! Way to turn the tables, Stiles

9. See — everyone ships Sterek!

10. At least he is finally accepting it.

11. Their “how we meet” story?

12. TMI!



13. #RelationshipGoals.

14. We can’t handle right now!!

15. SAME.

16. Hmmm, what exactly is he taking his hand off of…

17. Does he even have to ask?!

18. Clearly, the answer is yes, Stiles:



19. Convenient placement…

20. Us.

21. Excuse us while we laugh in your face.

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