All the Times Fan-Favorite Characters Lost Their Virginity on Teen Wolf

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Despite the fact that Teen Wolf literally consists of a bunch of teenage werewolves, banshees, werecoyotes and kitsune running around fighting dark forces like Kanima and Dread Doctors, some parts of the show are so freaking relatable — Not being as good as your BFF on the lacrosse field, having your parents disapprove of the person you’re dating and needing to skip class for some dire emergency are all part of the typical high school experience!

Another huge thing that normal teens AND the Beacon Hills crew has in common? Relationships and sex. On Season 5, there’s literally a Big Bad targeting virgins (nothing new for the horror genre), but for the most part, Jeff Davis, the creator of the series, tries to take a more realistic approach to people’s first time doing the deed.

As we go into part B of Teen Wolf‘s sixth and LAST (*sheds tear*) season, there’s one pairing that we’ve got a pretty good feeling will finally do the deed — Stydia (A.K.A. Stiles and Lydia) who have been OTP for basically ever. While it won’t be either of their first times (it’s suggested that Lydia’s been sexually active since beforre the show started), it’ll still be a life-changing moment for both of them and the viewers at home watching.

Without further ado, keep scrolling to see the breakdown of all the adorable first-time sex scenes in five and a half seasons of Teen Wolf.

1. Scott McCall and Alison Argent to Each Other, S2E6 “Frenemy”

Scalison is one of the most beloved relationships in Teen Wolf history and was unfortunately taken from us far too soon after Crystal Reed decided to quit the show. However, back in the early days of of the show, Scott and Alison losing their virginity to one another was a HUGE plot point. It’s suggested that the two got it on for the first time in the sixth episode of the second season during a steamy car makeout sesh, but in episode eight, the drama goes down. The guy’s mom, Melissa, finds a box of condoms in her son’s room and — *gasp* — there’s only ONE condom left. Where did the others go? Decide for yourself.

2. Stiles Stilinski and Malia Tate to Each Other, S3E20 “Echo House”

Everyone knows that Stalia def had sex eventually, but there is a lot of dispute over when it went down. After Stiles confessed his ~concern~ over his virginal status, he and his new werecoyote friend share a passionate kiss. It’s what happened after that has people up in arms. Basically, the guy asks Malia if that was her first smooch and when she confirms that — yes, it was, he asks, “Would you like to try it again?”

Her response? “I’d like to try something else,” and the clothes come flying off! “Something else”?!?! That certainly suggests sex, but people had some issues with it because A) Malia jumping from her first kiss to going all the way in one night seems to be a little unlikely and B) Since they’re both inpatients in a mental facility, it’s very improbable that they had any form of contraception with them. Who knows!

3. Kira Yukimura to Scott McCall, Season 5

As you can see, there isn’t a precise date for Kira and Scott’s first time together as a couple because while they eventually are seen making out in various levels of undress, the show doesn’t really make their “first time” as big of a deal as it was for couples like Scalison. We know that Scott is not Kira’s first boyfriend, but most fans seem to agree that she’d never been with someone quite as seriously as Scott because of how slowly their relationship progressed. Considering that both teens happen to be very sensitive and thoughtful people, them taking their time getting intimate in their relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that their first time was Kira’s first time ever — but it’s true that argument could be made.

4. Liam Dunbar and Hayden Romero to Each Other, S5E16 “Lie Ability”

Honestly, when Dylan Sprayberry, Victoria Morales and Cody Christian joined the Teen Wolf main cast as the “next generation” of Teen Wolves, it took a little while to accept them. But Dylan and Victoria’s characters, Liam and Hayden, quickly won their way into our hearts with their adorable relationship — giving the audience “first love” flashbacks to the days of Scott and Alison… so, we had to know there was a sex scene coming, right?

Sure enough, the two engage in an act of passion during a flashback in season 5B and Dyl even opened up to MTV about what it was like filming his first sex scene with the cast and crew watching. “The way they shot it was great and it was very moody,” he said. “I was happy with it. I think [Victoria and I] both did a good job and kept our composure throughout the filming process. It was weird… but we got through it. We were sweaty by the end and we both took showers. Separately.” LMAO.

5. *Honorable Mention:* Danny Māhealani and Ethan to Each Other, S3E6 “Motel California”

Three cheers for some gay lovin’ on teen TV! Seriously — representation like this is so important. However, while many praised it as Teen Wolf‘s ‘First Gay Sex Scene’ others are not so sure that it really qualifies as such.

Basically, when roommates are self-chosen on a field trip, Danny and Ethan immediately decide to bunk up and things get steamy — quickly! But the two are interrupted. So was it really “sex?” Jeff Davis did say the script notes said “no thrusting” to keep to MTV’s sexual content standards — but who knows!

These fan-fave TV characters waited until marriage to have sex for the first time: