8 Teen Wolf Cast Members Who Look Just Like Other Celebrities

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The Vampire Diaries stars have so many doppelgangers — both on and off the show — it’s freaking ridiculous. Heck, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have a minimum of 11 lookalikes between them. Like, apart from the rest of the talent from the television series. So, that got us wondering about the doppelgangers of other TV show casts… like Teen Wolf‘s!

Although it’s tough to find anyone who looks similar to Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed ’cause of their many unique features — some people tried to suggest Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins, respectively, but we couldn’t even see it when we squinted, so eh — most of the other members of the MTV TV show have at least one clone-like star to match ’em. Here are eight such pairings: