Even the Teen Wolf Cast Couldn’t Guess the Identity of The Beast

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The Beast has been revealed! Throughout most of Season 5, Teen Wolf fans around the world have been rattling their brains and exchanging conspiracy theories about the identity of one of the all-time best villains on the supernatural TV series, and he has been unmasked. FINALLY. Now, we no longer have to cry ourselves to sleep, thanks to the latest episode, “Maid of Gevaudan” — featuring fan favorite Crystal Reed!

Don’t worry, though — you weren’t the only ones stumped for weeks. In fact, the one who portrays The Beast was stumped himself. As — *SPOILER*Khylin Rhambo (a.k.a. Mason a.k.a. The Beast) recently revealed to us, “I didn’t even guess myself. I truly didn’t.”

But he was pumped to learn the truth. “I was so excited,” he said. “Since I was first cast on the show, I wanted to be involved in some type of supernatural element. That was my dream, so to be such a huge ravenous creature, that was really cool. I was actually really excited.”

Other people weren’t as enthusiastic as Khylin. When we spoke to his on-screen BFF, Dylan Sprayberry (Liam), he only went as far as, “Reaction? I said, ‘Oh my god,’ and that’s about it.”

Arden Cho (Kira), meanwhile, was just like you (and us), “I was surprised because I was guessing and I never guessed Khylin.” Phew.

We suspected it a little bit by the end of last week’s episode, but KNOWING is a whole lot better, don’tchya think? Or did you know all along? Weigh in on all things Teen Wolf — particularly the identity of The Beast — in the comments below!

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