7 of Your Favorite Teen Wolf Stars Who Actually Stole from the MTV Set

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Filming for the last half of the final season of MTV’s Teen Wolf has officially wrapped up, as of March. After six years and 100+ episodes, the cast and crew must bid farewell to Beacon Hills and all the spooky supernatural sh*t that happens there. While we’re sure dread doctors, ghost riders and a-hole werewolves won’t be missed, the sets, props and clothes will be. So, why not steal them, right? The OG cast and members of the new crew have dished about the trinkets they’ll be taking.

That’s right, the series biggest stars, like Tyler Posey, Holland Roden and Shelley Hennig, all took mementos home with them, and we’re sure they’re on display in their own houses. There was no way these celebs were going to just say goodbye to Beacon Hills — nope, Los Angeles and beyond will forever hold a piece of everyone’s fave werewolf pack. Join us as we take a look at seven of your favorite Teen Wolf stars who actually stole (or plan on stealing) from the MTV set: