9 Teen Wolf Actors Who Already Booked Another Acting Gig

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No matter how much we try to deny it, Teen Wolf is coming to an end. We can still remember the day when we found out that season six would be the last, and honestly — it’s not a good memory. We have been following Scott McCall and the rest of the Beacon Hills gang for so long that it’s just going to feel weird when everything suddenly comes to a screeching halt.

Although we’re already somehow halfway through the final season (sob), we are still learning tons of new information about the show. We just about cried a bucket of tears when Tyler Posey talked about the friendship between his character and Stiles Stilinski and when show creator Jeff Daniels revealed how he sees Sciles as the real romance of the series, we about lost our minds. Although we only have a few episodes yet, exciting things are still happening.

Colton Haynes is finally making his long-awaited return to Beacon Hills as Jackson Whittemore with Ethan (Charlie Carver) as his boyfriend. Scott and Malia are also getting some last-minute romance in this season, making us wonder how in the world are they going to give us a clean-cut finale that answers all our questions.

We still have a few weeks until the series finale airs, and while we wish they could stay in BH forever, our fave actors must move on from the show. Throughout the six years that the MTV hit has been on television, we’ve seen a TON of celebrities come and go (*cough* Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin, and Dylan O’Brien *cough*) Some actors have done some other projects on the side during their time on TW, but now they’re kinda forced to spread their wings and take on new opportunities. The small-screen fave isn’t over yet, but a lot of the cast already booked new projects that will definitely ease the burden of Teen Wolf‘s conclusion.