7 TV Shows with the Most Unrealistic Teen Wardrobes

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When did teenagers on TV shows [and in movies] stop dressing like actual teenagers?

I know that TV shows aren’t real life — hell, most TV teens are played by 27-year-olds — but let’s not act like the average teen show isn’t trying to mirror real life to some extent. One of the easiest ways to do that, I’d imagine, is based on what the characters are wearing. Shows from the ’90s, like Boy Meets World, had flannel galore, and the early to mid ’00s, like Lizzie McGuire, Ned’s Declassified and The O.C. were full of the most ridiculous hair accessories and low-rise boot-leg jeans. But lately? It’s been harder and harder to actually find TV shows that reflect what teenagers are actually wearing right now.

Let’s be totally real right now: How many of y’all went to class rocking heels on a regular basis like the gals on Pretty Little Liars. Right, thought so. From grown woman chic to day-glo nightmares, check out these seven TV shows with some seriously unrealistic teen wardrobes:

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