10 Awesome Teen TV Shows with a Bisexual Teenage Female Lead

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Television is pushing boundaries, and we’re all for it. While we still don’t live in a world in which TV characters can be any race, religion or sexuality, and audiences 100% accept it, we’re getting to a better place than we were at when TV first started, so… progress, right?

Just look at Teen Wolf — the series mixes up straight and gay high schoolers, and no one bats an eye. No one comes out, has a heart-to-heart of any sort — it’s simply accepted. Case closed.

Then there are other series that introduced queer female characters, much to the joy of many audiences — though, we’re sure many would appreciate it if not all of them were killed off this year — and that includes bisexual females. Or, more specifically, bisexual teenage females. And they’re leads, too! To see the series that are pushing boundaries, here are 10 awesome teen TV shows with a bisexual teenage female lead: