8 Teen Television Series That Were on the Air for WAY Too Long

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When a TV show first premieres, there is typically plenty of hype leading up to it — especially if it’s a show that joins a major network. Unfortunately, some television series end up getting canceled after the first season (or even before that), while others are canceled after several seasons. On the other hand, there are shows that become massive hits, with stellar ratings each week.

These shows accumulate huge fanbases, as devoted viewers tune in every week to see what will happen to their beloved characters. However, some of these shows tend to drag on and on, to the point that it becomes painful to watch. Some series even exceed 10 seasons, reusing the same, unoriginal concepts each time. Remember 7th Heaven? Yeah, it was on the air for ELEVEN seasons. It was supposed to be canceled, but then The CW decided to bring it back… on Sunday nights. TOO MUCH. Likewise, shows that started out great just seem to continue without a storyline that grabs a viewer’s attention. Eventually, these types of shows (that were once amazing) get put out of their misery, much to the relief of the fans, but it’s done a few seasons too late. You’ll get what we mean in a sec: