7 Teen TV Shows That Actually Have Teenagers in the Cast

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Have you ever thought about how the people portraying teenagers on so many teen TV shows are, in fact, grown-ass adults? This bothered me as a teen, and as someone who could now be considered a grown-ass adult myself, it bothers me even more. I know that I couldn’t pass for a 10th grader anymore, no matter how my makeup or wardrobe was curated. Sure, there are some people in their twenties who are mistakenly assumed to be way younger than they really are, but let’s be real: The people who are cast on TV shows don’t really have that problem. This has been a source of critique with teen TV for ages, but it’s been reignited thanks to Riverdale:

I mean… no lies detected: These glamorous AF 24-year-olds with six packs and perfect teeth just cannot pass for teenagers. Most of the dudes in my 10th grade class were lanky and wore band shirts, and even the ones with some muscle had it in an awkward, I’m-going-through-puberty type of way that still made them look sinewy. The girls? Even the most beautiful ones didn’t look like they could have been in a sexy GQ editorial. Oh, and none of them looked like they were old enough to rent a car. Does that mean that shows with adults as teenagers are inherently bad? No, of course not. Some of the best teen shows starred people who haven’t been teenagers for years. Plus, it’s worth noting that the reason why so many American teen TV shows star so few teenagers is due to child labor laws. Nevertheless, there are good teen television series out of past and present that managed to feature actual teenagers. There aren’t many, but if you’re desperate for watching shows about teens starring teens, these seven teen TV shows that actually had teenagers in the cast are a good place to start:

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