6 Gay Characters Who Lost Their Virginity on a Teen Television Show

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While some characters on teen television shows chose to wait until they got married to have sex for the first time, others made a different decision. TONS of Pretty Little Liars characters lost their virginity throughout the series, including Emily Fields, a gay character who had to navigate her mother’s confusion about her sexuality AND her first time in the same episode.

TV series have come a long way in the past few years. While the thought of ANYONE, let along a member of the LGBT community, losing their virginity on screen was once a crazy thought, many shows have tackled the subject that tons of teens face in their real life. Shows like Shadowhunters, Degrassi and Glee all featured strong, powerful gay characters, and while some on-screen hits get accused of using them to gay-bait audiences, these shows did a great job showing issues ALL teenagers deal with, no matter their sexuality.