8 TV Characters That Should Have a Summer Fling

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With summer on the mind we can’t help but think of beaches, bonfires, late nights with friends…and summer flings. Warm weather, no school, and bikinis means less rules and more carefree flirtatious nights, ladies! And here are some TV characters we think should hook up during the summer, then ya know, not talk about it again once September rolls around…

Trish and Dez from Austin and AllyWe’re totally into their love/hate relationship, but how cute would it be if these two quit arguing for the summer and spent it being all lovey dovey?!

Disney Channel

CeCe and Ty from Shake It Up!
We think Rocky would understand if CeCe dated her brother for only a couple months, right? Any longer than that and CeCe would be jeopardizing her BFF status with Rocky, and no boy is worth that!

Disney Channel

Sam and Gibby from iCarly
No matter how much Sam these two try to deny it, they’re totally into each other. Remember when Sam got so upset when Gibby already had a date to the dance? While we’re still rooting for Sam and Freddie to get back together, we don’t think a Sibby summer fling would do any harm.


Stevie and Nelson from How to Rock
We’re rooting for a long term Stevie and Zander relationship, but we’d like to see Stevie and Nelson spend their summer vacay together. The more unpredictable the better!


Cat and Beck from Victorious
There’s def some mild sexual tension between Cat and Beck that we think they should explore. They’ve already kissed for a movie, they may as well kiss in real life.


Caroline and Damon from The Vampire Diaries
Summer flings aren’t scandalous unless they’re totally random and short lasting. While we’re obvi team Cyler, we think a passionate summer between Caroline and Damon would be the talk of the season.

The CW

Sugar and Puck from Glee
Puck and Sugar are perfect for each other. They’re both dim witted and probs not looking for anything too serious. If Puckerman can lay off the hot moms for a couple months, him and Sugar could have some real fun.


Paisley and Fletcher from A.N.T. Farm
If these two actually got together it would be a little weird and def mess with the flow of the A.N.T.’s friendship. But a couple months during the summer wouldn’t be too bad. After all, we think Fletch deserves to get some lip action with his crush.

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So what do you think? Which TV characters do you think should have a summer fling?

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