7 of Your Favorite Teen TV Series Coming to an End This Year

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NGL, we were pretty bummed to learn about the shows that got the ax in 2016. We knew Austin & Ally was reaching its endpoint, but we still weren’t prepared, the end of Faking It came outta nowhere, leaving us with an annoying cliffhanger ending, and, like… what exactly happened with Awkward.? THAT’S how they wanna leave it? Ugh.

But if you thought 2016 was bad, wait until this year gets to ya ’cause, trust us, it’s only gonna get worse. For starters, the ultimate trifecta of teen television series — Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries — are all on their way out. ALL OF THEM! Why couldn’t one of the networks have spared us this year, huh? Guess this is one of those rip-off-the-Band-Aid situations, getting rid of the all at once. And they’re not even the only ones — they’re simply the ones that hurt the most. Anyway, to better prepare yourself for the end of teen TV as you know it, here are six of your favorite dramas & comedies coming to an end this in 2017: