8 Teen TV Shows That Were Rejected After the Pilot Episode

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TV is always changing — and there are a LOT of complications that come throughout the process. While some of your favorite actors and actresses almost turned down their now-iconic drama roles, other stars are happy always playing the same type of character. Yes, there are some series that should’ve ended already (*cough* The Vampire Diaries *cough*), but for the most part, you NEVER want your go-to show to stop airing.

The saddest thing about television, however, is when a series never actually airs. There are SO many teen TV pilots that we never saw, or were shot down before they even got a real chance. Remember when Delirium was made into a TV pilot and had a killer cast — Emma Roberts! Daren Kagasoff! Gregg Sulkin! — only to be put to a halt before making it to series? At least the pilot eventually aired on Hulu; most shows are not that lucky: