11 Times Fandoms Shipped Incestuous Pairings on Teen TV Shows

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Every single fandom has ships, OTPs and NOTPs, and part of the fun of watching any show, seeing any movie or reading any book is eagerly waiting to see who the main character (and let’s be honest, the side characters, too) is gonna end up with. In some cases, though, you just might have an inkling that your ship is not gonna happen, no matter how tightly you’ve got your fingers crossed. Sometimes it’s just not written in the stars (or in the script).

For a lot of fans, that’s the case for their incest ships (which are actually super common in TV show fandoms). Now, that’s not to say incest never happens in our fave stories, ’cause strangely, it does… just look at Clary and Jace in Shadowhunters who shared a passionate kiss just before finding out that *SHOCKER*… they’re actually siblings! But let’s just face it — not every showrunner wants their related characters to fall in love, as dramatic as those storylines can be.

Look in the gallery below to see all the teen TV shows in which fans ship non-canon incest pairings hardcore!