Cheat Sheet: The Top 10 Teen.com Stories You Missed This Week!

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Didn’t log on to Teen.com every day this past week? We’ll forgive you this time. But before you get ready for the weekend, check out our top 10 stories—and make sure to visit us more often!

1. Basketball is a bore. Teen.com’s TV-tastic March Madness, on the other hand? Totally freakin’ awesome.
2. Miley Cyrus didn’t write the most famous Miley Cyrus song. Nope, Jessie J did.
3. We still watch The Real World, and we’re not embarrassed. Have you seen the guys?!
4. R.I.P Jonash. Take a look back at pre-splitsville Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene. And cry.
5. Happy Friday! Celebrate with the best (and by “best” we mean “worst”) song ever recorded.
6. Spoiler alert(s)! So many Gleek-y secrets, so few episodes left.
7. Speaking of Glee, remember when Blaine and Kurt kissed?
8. Selena Gomez said she’s dating Biebs. Without actually saying it, of course.
9. Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss! Hunger Games fans rejoice! Or do they?
10. Aussie singer Cody Simpson does not like prom updos one bit.