9 Pairs That Committed Accidental Incest on a Teen Television Show

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Incest is still totally taboo in our society — as it should be — yet, when it comes to Hollywood… not so much? Not only are super-famous celebrities casting their IRL family members as their on-screen love interests (WTF?!), but fandoms are consistently hoping that blood-related ships will somehow become canon.

While we can pretty much guarantee that Supernatural‘s Winchester bros will never actually become a thing (sorry, #Wincest shippers), some TV writers are not def afraid to add a little bit of steamy familial connections in order to add intense drama to a show. Outright incest tends to be a little ~extra~ for a casual viewer (for instance, the incest on Game of Thrones is way too much to get behind), step-siblings getting it on is, like, not even surprising anymore (hear that, Gossip Girl?). So basically, it’s only when the sexy couple is unknowingly related to one another that the twist can be pretty thrilling.

Check out the gallery below to see nine TV pairs that were surprised to find out they’re actually related. (Fair warning, this will bring a lot of cringe into your day.)