7 TV Characters Who Waited Until Marriage to Have Sex for the First Time

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Sex is a big deal, both IRL and on television shows. If you watch teen TV series like Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, etc., you know that sex is often a huge topic of discussion, with characters getting down and dirty in basically every episode. Some characters are already experienced in the ~physical~ department, and others test the waters of sexuality as the eps progress. But then you have shows that also focus on another type of character — the one who’s waiting until marriage to lose his or her virginity.

Characters from classic shows like One Tree Hill and Boy Meets World took a note from real-life stars such as Kevin Jonas and Carrie Underwood and saved their first time for their wedding night. Scroll through the gallery below to see which ones we’re talking about, in addition to others who made the same decision!