Teen Reader Who Won Big Time Rush Valentine’s Day Call Tells All!

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Martha D. was the Teen reader lucky enough to win our Valentine’s Day call from Big Time Rush, so she shared her exciting story with us!

“Wait a second, did I really just talk to KENDALL SCHMIDT from Big Time Rush?!” These were my immediate words when I was finished with the call from Kendall.

I waited patiently for weeks to see if I won the Valentine’s Day call from Big Time Rush. So, on Valentine’s day, I at last got a tweet from Teen! I couldn’t believe that I just read their tweet saying “I” was chosen as the winner for the call! At this moment, I was sitting in the living room with the rest of my family, when I burst out and screamed that I had just won.

My brother, (a huge fan of BTR), just looked at me with confusion, until seconds later, he had understood what I had just shouted out. Shaking, we both ran in to my room, and I managed to call my best friends to give them the amazing news!
I replied back to Teen to accept the call and they informed me that someone will contact me to arrange the call. Wow, it was really gonna happen. It wasn’t just a dream!

Later that day, we had a dinner with some family and I was urged to go not knowing that I would get the call there. In the middle of eating, my phone rings to the tune of Kendall singing “I’ll be thinking about you worldwide!” I look down, and I’m getting a call from Santa Monica, CA. I immediately pull out my camera, run to a corner, and answer the phone. It was a lady that introduced herself as being from Nickelodeon. She told me that she had Kendall on the line and ready to talk!

I was surprised and you can only imagine how I acted in front of the people at the restaurant! My brother quickly takes me outside and Kendall speaks and says “Hello! How are you, Martha? Happy Valentine’s Day!” This whole time I feared I would freeze up and not know what to say, but talking to Kendall felt as though I was talking to a friend.

We continued to talk about their upcoming album which they said will be out soon and the new season of Big Time Rush. He apologizes that the other boys can not be there to talk, for they are currently filming episode 5 of Season 4! I thank him for all he has done for the fans and he says “It’s an incredibly cool job for us to do, and nobody really has to pay attention at all, so it’s really up to you guys to keep it going, so we appreciate it.”

I then tell him how he once tweeted out my video of my brother and friend singing “Worldwide” in the middle of class to the teacher, and Kendall laughed and said how he was so glad he saw it because it was hilarious. He started talking to my brother, at this point, about acting and pursuing a career, and Kendall told him to keep it up.

I then told him a story of when my friend and I had met him and gave him a gift with our numbers on it. He remembered that day and all the details about it! I told him how that next day, we both got a call from a restricted number and just knew that it had to be them, Big Time Rush, calling. We were unsuccessful in answering the multiple calls due to being in the middle of class! Disappointed, my friend and I went on for a whole year thinking that it had been them calling our phones, until we were told that it was a classmate who pretended to be them. He laughed and said “At least we’re talking now!”

The call gets to the end and Kendall tells us Happy Valentine’s Day again, and that he loves me! We end the call.

This has truly been an amazing experience and the fact that Kendall took his 10 minute break from set, to talk to “ME” was unbelievable. I will never forget what a great Valentine’s Day he and Teen.com have given me. I can’t be more grateful!

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