12 Teen Problems You’ll Still Have to Face As An Adult

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One good thing about being young is that you know that in a few years, some of your biggest problems will disappear. But, while things like getting detention or being grounded by your parents may be worries of the past, some other problems never leave your side.

That’s right, even after you’re all done being a teenager, you’ll still have to deal with these 12 annoying things forever:

1. You’ll always be tired. And there’s nothing that you can do about it. You could try to squeeze in a few more hours of sleep, but that’ll be especially difficult because…

2. You’ll have seemingly never-ending amounts of work. Think of it like this: The pile of things that you have to do will always and forever be taller than the pile of things you’ve already done.

3. You’ll have to follow rules that seem so dumb. Because, apparently, enforcing arbitrary rules doesn’t get old for some people.

4. You’ll worry about if your friends are mad you. Which is annoying, because adults aren’t supposed to stress about things like that.

5. You’ll be afraid to talk to cute boys. Those freaking butterflies don’t die.

6. You’ll say embarrassing things in front of important people. But no worries, you’ll recover from it! And then do it again immediately after, because life is a joke.

Homer Simpson Embarrassed Bush

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7. You’ll be unable to figure out your emotions sometimes. Is it happiness? Is it anxiety? Is it just hunger masking itself as one of the two?

Kristen Wiig What IS Happening

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8. You’ll have no clue what you plan to do with your life. And all of your family members will still insist on asking you about it.

9. You’ll be the subject of gossip. Fun fact: People gossip until the day that they die, so you will eventually have your name dragged through it.

10. You’ll be lectured by your parents. Even if you make sure to eat three meals a day, call your grandma and avoid letting your dishes crust over. EVEN THEN.

Britney Spears Oh God No

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11. You’ll hate cleaning but have to do it anyway. Unless you are very rich and can hire someone to do it for you. In which case, lucky you!

Modern Family I Hate Cleaning

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12. You’ll have unlikely celebrity crushes. And will have to watch them date other rich, famous and beautiful people. C’est la vie.

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