Welcome to Teen.com’s Oscar Remix! Vote Now for Cutest Movie Couple of the Year

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Last night’s Grammys were a breath of fresh air amongst the millions of movie awards shows we’ve been watching all year, full of stuffy suits and too-long acceptance speeches. But here at Teen.com? We’re about to make the Oscars a whole lot cooler.

For the next two weeks leading up to Hollywood’s biggest night, (which is February 27, according to our calendars), we’re going to make our own Oscars categories, which are way more fun. Best Movie Kiss? Cutest On-Screen Couple? Best Girl-Powered Flick? We’ll be voting on a new category every day!

And first up, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re voting on the Cutest On-Screen Couple! Vote below on who you think the cutest movie couple of the year was, and be sure to check back tomorrow for the results and for another Teen.com Oscar category!

Oh! And don’t forget to tell us why you chose the couple that you picked below!