8 Teen Movie Series That Got Prequels After the OG Franchise Finished

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We’ve all felt the bitter pain of seeing a favorite movie franchise come to a close after many years of being dedicated to the series. While it’s painful for us, the audience, to see long-loved stories come to an end, want to know who it’s even more painful for? The movie studios who made big bucks off of these blockbusters for many years! Some film execs see the audience desire for more and decide to just keep tacking on more and more installments (Pirates of the Caribbean, for example), even if the OG plan was for the franchise to be done and over with.

But at times flicks seem to wrap up perfectly with no loose ends, meaning that adding on would seem basically impossible. In these cases, some movie makers decide they can keep capitalizing off of the fandoms… by time traveling! Enter: the prequel.