TV Recap: Teen Mom, Season 2!

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It’s been a long (yet amazing) season of Teen Mom as we saw Amber, Farrah, Maci and Catelynn handle the struggles of motherhood, college, and, well, douchey boyfriends, but the season is now officially over and we’re on the edge of our seats in anticipation of tonight’s reunion show with the girls and Dr. Drew.

If you’re die-hard Teen Mom fans like we are, you’ll probably understand the excitement in seeing all four girls in a room together with their babies, their not-always-so-supportive parents and Dr. Drew, who always asks the questions we’re too scared to ask but totally wanna know. But if you’re not a die-hard fan (and you totally should be!), let us get you up to speed, shall we? Click on for a full recap of the whole season!

Farrah: The season started when Farrah and her mom Debra were — shocker — on bad terms because Debra took a hand to her. After Debra did some community service and went to counseling with Farrah, the two’s relationship was almost back to normal — until Farrah moved back into the guest house where her mom charged her extra for moving in early. How rude. Meanwhile, Farrah found out Derek, who died in a car accident, was in fact Sophia’s dad, Farrah had the most awkward speed-dating experience we’ve ever witnessed, and her mom tried to be helpful by setting her up with her hairstylist’s son. Major fail.

Amber: All was going swimmingly in the Amber/Gary/Leah household and the couple even got engaged (again), until soon Amber and Gary broke up (again), then got back together, then broke up. Despite her being abusive towards him (which is NEVER ok, BTW), Gary came running back. But wait, was it too late? Amber went on a date with an alleged sex offender that she met at Wal-Mart (clearly a winner), but Gary reeled Amber back in with flowers and a teddy bear. Now, the two are back together. We think…

Maci: Baby daddy Ryan had a new girlfriend who hung out with baby Bentley more than Ryan did. But Maci wasn’t jealous. Nope, not at all. But soon, Maci got serious with her old childhood friend, Kyle, and even moved herself and Bentley to Nashville to be closer to him. Kyle then broke up with Maci but she stayed in Nashville to prove a point go to school there. Meanwhile, she and Ryan thought about getting back together — but just for a second — before finally agreeing on a custody agreement for the cutest bastard child baby ever, Bentley.

Catelynn: She and Tyler almost broke off their engagement because Tyler got upset that Catelynn still talked to her ex, but despite a day or two of the silent treatment, Tyler quickly came to his senses and got back together with Catelynn. Meanwhile, Tyler’s dad, Butch, went to jail and Catelynn’s mom, April, got depressed, but Catelynn and Tyler’s constant updates on their adopted baby, Carly, kept them together. Finally, the couple met baby Carly after her first birthday in a heartfelt and tearfelt reunion. We were sobbing just as much as they were.

And that’s what you missed on…oh, wait, wrong show, but anyway, now you’re in-the-know on Teen Mom! Don’t forget to tune into the reunion show tonight at 10pm EST on MTV!