Teen Mom 2 Recap: We’re Rating the Baby Daddies!

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We’ll be the first ones to admit that our point system comparing the girls on Teen Mom 2 to the original cast failed. Badly. You got mad and we are sorry. We are! So instead, we’re going to be grading the baby daddies from here on out on a scale from 0-10, or, in some people’s cases (ahem, Adam), below zero. Because who doesn’t like poking a little fun at douchey teenage dudes? Thought so.

Click on to check out our very first Baby Daddy Scores from last night’s episode, “Taking Sides,” and tell us if you agree with the sides we took!

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Jenelle: In what felt like years attempting to apply for financial aid at college, Jenelle finally got her mom to sign the necessary paperwork. And maybe Barbra was having a good day, because she also let Jenelle and her boyf Keiffer attend Jace’s first birthday party. But, of course, that wasn’t without her criticizing Janelle’s choice in birthday gift. Poor girl.
Baby Daddy Score: Kieffer isn’t the baby daddy, but let’s pretend he is for argument’s sake — he gets a 5. We’re neutral, considering he was pretty quiet all episode, but we’ve gotta give him some points for putting up with the wrath of Barbara.

Chelsea: We hate to say this, but Chelsea was kinda mean this episode. Her dad insisted that Adam had to pay rent if he was going to live there, so, naturally, Adam insisted Megan, Chelsea’s roomie, would have to pay rent too. So the fight came to a boil when Adam texted Megan telling her she had to move out. And that she did. But instead of defending her BFF (which any girl should do, FYI), Chelsea basically sided with Adam the whole time. Breaking girl code, Chelsea. You’re breaking girl code.
Baby Daddy Score: A freakin’ negative a million! Adam has no right kicking Megan out. Megan, come live with us. We’ve got an extra bedroom.

Kailyn: Kailyn is still trying to find a permanent place to live after she and Jo got kicked out of his parents’ house, but his rents soon come around and let them move back. But, Kailyn’s got her heart set on moving into her own place, without Jo, even though he wants to move in together.
Baby Daddy Score: Jo gets an 8! We like how he stepped up to the plate and suggested that the two them get their own place together with baby Isaac.

Leah: Baby Ali still hasn’t had an MRI, but in the meantime, Leah has her seeing a special therapist to help her develop. After Leah has an outburst thinking that it could’ve been her fault that Ali has disabilities, it’s Corey to the rescue, giving her a big ol’ smooch and saying that he’s always there for her. And how freakin’ cute was their date to the amusement park where Corey admitted he wants to get married and have more babies with Leah?!
Baby Daddy Score: A 10 for Corey! It wasn’t an official proposal (that’s coming next week!), but he gets 10 points for being a man.

Do you agree that Corey wins for best baby daddy of the episode? Do you think Megan should’ve moved out of Chelsea’s house? Leave your thoughts in the comments!