And In Most Unexpected News Ever? Amber Portwood Loses Custody of Baby Leah

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Sad, sad day in Teen Mom world. After lots of court room drama and, well, baby daddy drama too, Amber Portwood had the roughest day ever today — she lost custody of adorable baby Leah. Somewhere Gary Shirley (and Dr. Drew?) is smiling to himself. Sigh.

But, guess what? It’s not because Amber is a bad mother. Really…

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According to TMZ, Gary was considered to be the “more suitable” parent for Leah — at least for the time being — because Amber’s house and car were recently vandalized and it’s not safe for a baby. And, Amber could still get full custody back soon. Phew.

Did Amber deserve Leah to get taken away from her, even temporarily? Do you think she’s a good mom? Tell us your thoughts on the sitch in the comments!