Teen Mom 2 Recap: And This Week’s Winning Baby Daddy Is…

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This week in Teen Mom dram? Ya know, just another vicious fight between Adam and Chelsea and more harsh words between Kailyn and Jo. But also? Leah’s daughter Ali is better! Maybe…

Click on to check out the Baby Daddy Tallies from this week’s ep, “Slippery Slope!”

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Chelsea: As if things could get worse and more awkward between Chelsea and Adam, this week they went to a carnival with Aubree and a couple friend of theirs and all Adam kept doing was talking about how many girls he saw there that he had hooked up with. Fair fail. Then things got more awkward at home when he just slept all day and didn’t help Chelsea with Aubree at all. And then he dumped her. What a gentleman.
Baby Daddy Tally: A big fat zero/10 for Adam. Again.

Jenelle: We gotta give Jenelle some props because her life is getting back on track — she’s in school, waitressing, and even moved back home with her mom to be with Jace. As for Kieffer? He’s living with a cousin nearby — until they both decide to pick up and go on a road trip to New Jersey for two days. Barbara is not a happy camper.
Baby Daddy Tally: We’ll give Kieffer an 8/10 for realizing that Jace is more important to Jenelle than he is. Baby steps, people.

Leah: Leah starts off the episode going shopping for wedding dresses and prepping for her big day, but gets sidetracked with Ali’s health issues. The good news is Ali has nothing wrong with her spine, but the bad news is that she might have a genetic disorder. Dun dun dun….
Baby Daddy Tally: 9/10 for Corey for being almost the most perfect baby daddy ever. And how freakin’ cute when he made that bet with Leah that Ali can roll over?!

Kailyn: Oy. Poor Kailyn. She finally tells Jo that she has a new boyfriend, to which Jo responds with, um, name calling and cursing. So since Kailyn clearly can’t live with Jo anymore, she and Isaac move in with her mom. But when her mom goes to collect her stuff from Jo’s house, they refuse to give it to her since she still owes him $600. The police get involved and stuff — and Jo and Kailyn basically come to terms with the fact that they need a custody agreement for Isaac. Stat.
Baby Daddy Tally: We’re giving Jo a generous 5/10. He gets points for actually caring about baby Isaac, but loses points for being so freakin’ mean to poor Kailyn.

Corey wins again! What’d you think of this week’s episode? What grade would you give each of the baby daddies? Share in the comments!