Teen Mom 2 Recap: All the Things We Wish Had Happened in the Season Finale

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Normally this is the time that we would do a Baby Daddy Tally based on the douchey (and sometimes, but infrequently romantic) things that the baby daddies do for Janelle, Chelsea, Kailyn and Leah. But since last night’s 90-minute long episode of Teen Mom 2 was the season finale, we’re taking a totally different approach because there were like, 8 million things that happened last night and yet still about 6 million issues that were left totally unresolved.

Like, for example…

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Chelsea: This week we saw Chelsea prepping for Aubree’s first birthday party, sans Adam. Whenever his name was even mentioned Chelsea freaked out and it was awkward. But more awkward was when Adam stormed into her house after the party to gather his things, only to find that his truck has been towed away by Chelsea’s dad.
But what happened with…: His car? Seriously, we kinda wanna know if Chelsea’s ever going to tell him where he can find it. And did Adam even care that it was Aubree’s birthday? And was he ever going to get her a gift or ask to celebrate with her? We’re going to assume the answer is no, but…

Janelle: Janelle’s life pretty much sucks, especially considering she got arrested for possession of marijuana and for breaking and entering into Kieffer’s friend’s home. But Kieffer’s life sucks more, since he got busted for marijuana possession and coke possession. Kieffer’s a keeper. Janelle finally made bail, and after she realized how much she missed Kieffer, she bailed him out too with the help of a 21-year-old friend. Except Barbara told her she’s never to see him again, so….
But what happened with…: Kieffer and Janelle? We get that they’re back together (which is the dumbest idea ever, BTW), but will Barbara ever find out? And will Kieffer ever go to court for his hearing or will Janelle’s friend who helped bail him out be stuck with the $2,000 fine? So many questions, so little time.

Leah: It’s wedding time for Leah and Corey, and despite their excitement, Leah can’t help but be a little bit nervous, too. But luckily she was more nervous for the wedding than the actual marriage, so that counts for something, right? So Leah and Corey finally tie the knot and not gonna lie, Corey bursting into tears when she walked down the aisle was freakin’ adorable.
But what happened with…: Baby Ali? Last time we heard she was going to see a geneticist, but we never found out what’s actually wrong with her. Any guesses?

Kailyn: Kailyn and Jo decide to get a written custody agreement and seem to be acting like civil adults through the whole thing. That is until after the mediation, when Jo calls Kailyn broke, Kailyn says Jo’s lazy because he doesn’t go to college, and blah blah blah. Poor little Isaac.
But what happened with…: Jordan? Are he and Kailyn still dating even though she was basically forbidden to see him anymore? And will Jo and Kailyn be able to stop fighting with the custody agreement in writing?

Well, we guess there’s always season 2, right?! What do you wish had happened on the season finale? Which mom is your fave? Spill in the comments!