Teen Mom 2 Recap: We’re Rating Adam, Jo, Kieffer and Corey!

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The baby daddy drama continued on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, “Pushing the Limit” and, of course, there were plenty of tears from all four of the girls. But who was crying over a bad, bad baby daddy?

Click on for our recap and Baby Daddy Tally and tell us if you agree with the grades we gave the guys!

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Chelsea: We’ve gotta give Adam a little bit more credit this week considering he’s actually trying to get a job. But we’re deducting points because he’s only getting one since he’s being forced to by Chelsea’s dad and because he wants a nighttime restaurant job, which basically implies that he can hook up with chicks, since he’s cheated on Chelsea before. You win some, you lose some.
Baby Daddy Tally: We’ll give him a generous 4 for at least not being a bum, but nothing higher because he did, ya know, made Chelsea cry.

Jenelle: Jenelle and her mom are seemingly on better terms, since Barbara lets Jenelle and BF Kieffer move in with her after they have nowhere else to go. But of course, with a nice side of Barbara comes a bad side, making crazy rules like “Don’t eat the puffs, those are for Jace” and yelling at Jenelle when Jace spills his bottle on her couch. But when she yelled at Jenelle and Kieffer for smoking pot on the porch? Ok, that’s totally legit.
Baby Daddy Tally: 2/10. He doesn’t have a job, a high school diploma or a place to live and he freakin’ SMOKED UP AT HIS GF’S MOM’S HOUSE!. But we’ll give him those 2 points because he was super supportive to Jenelle when she was crying.

Leah: Leah and Corey prep for their upcoming wedding by visiting the hall and getting all the details figured out. But first, they’re dealing with Ali’s MRI. They drove 3 hours away to take Ali to the hospital, where she had to undergo anesthesia to get it done. At least Corey was there this time to support Leah. And when the two of them broke down into tears at the hospital? We almost did, too.
Baby Daddy Tally: 10/10! Corey’s the best dad ever. And by ever we mean on the show.

Kailyn: Kailyn’s made it pretty clear that she doesn’t want to be with Isaac’s dad Jo anymore, but Jo’s mom Janet is not letting her live there if she’s out dating other guys. But still, Kailyn starts hanging out with her ex Jordan again and Jo gets suspicious and jealous. Note to Kaitlyn — Jordan is so not being put out on the street for.
Baby Daddy Tally: 6/10. He babysat for Isaac while Kailyn was out, but we’re deducting points for yelling at her over the phone.

And, duh, Corey wins for Best Baby Daddy again! Do you agree with our tallies? Were we too harsh on Jo, Adam or Kieffer? Tell us your own Baby Daddy Tally below!