Teen Mom 2 Recap: We Bet You Can Guess Who Wins For Worst Baby Daddy

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And this week in Teen Mom 2 drama? Pretty much of the same old dramz — Aubree’s dad hates Adam, Leah’s daughter Ali is sick and Jenelle still doesn’t have custody of baby Jace. But who won the episode “Switching Gears” in the baby daddy department?

Click on for our recap and our Baby Daddy Tally, and tell us which teen dad should be the winner (and loser) of the ep!

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Chelsea: Things seem to be calming down for Chelsea now that Megan moved out and isn’t fighting with Adam, but when it comes to things with her dad? Not so much. Chelsea insists on getting her GED so she can go onto beauty school, but her dad would much prefer her to get a real diploma. As for Adam? Yeah. He’s still a bum no matter how you slice it.
Baby Daddy Tally: 3/10 for Adam literally doing nothing to help Chelsea raise baby Aubree. But we’ll give him some points because at least this episode he didn’t start any fights. Progress.

Jenelle: After getting kicked out of her BFF Amber’s house, Jenelle and BF Kieffer move into his friend’s beach house while they try to figure out how to move out and get their own place. Jenelle’s life seems to be headed in the right direction though, considering she starts college and gets a waitressing job. Kieffer, on the other hand? His job search wasn’t exactly as fruitful.
Baby Daddy Tally: 4/10 for Kieffer talking about the future and moving in with Jenelle, but we can’t give him too many points because the guy just can’t seem to get a job. But, uh, “A” for effort?

Leah: Keeping his promise that we saw from last week’s episode, Corey proposes to Leah the only way a redneck would – on a lake while fishing. So in preparation for their wedding (which Leah’s mom and sister don’t seem too thrilled about, BTW), Corey and Leah go to talk to the pastor who basically tells them their marriage will be difficult. Thanks, Captain Obvious. As for baby Ali? Leah takes her to an eye doctor who says she could have something wrong with her brain. Aw.
Baby Daddy Tally: 9/10 for Corey for proposing to Leah and actually helping her take care of their twins. We’re just deducting one point for the cliché proposal. Barf.

Kailyn: Kailyn is really determined to move out of Jo’s parents’ house, so she applies for – and gets! – a hostessing job at a local restaurant. But when she shares the news with Jo, he responds with a mean text cursing her off (literally) and saying he wishes they never dated or had a baby together. Poor baby Isaac.
Baby Daddy Tally: 0/10 for Jo. Kailyn didn’t even remotely deserve that way-harsh text.

And, duh, Corey wins for Best Baby Daddy this week! Do you agree with our tallys? Were we too harsh on Jo, Adam or Kieffer? Tell us your own Baby Daddy Tally below!