Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle and Kailyn Get Kicked Out Of Their Homes!

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It was a sad, sad night in the Teen Mom 2 department last night, as we saw two of the 4 girls get kicked out of their homes for one reason or another, and two of the baby daddies totally fail at, well, being baby daddies. And with that, we can’t help but compare Kailyn, Jenelle and crew to Farrah, Maci, Amber and Catelynn…

Teen Mom is a very interesting show and very real.”

-Liz Lee

Click on for our recap and our Teen Mom comparisons, and tell us if you agree with our tally!

Jenelle: Jenelle is starting school — except not, because she can’t afford it. So she applies to financial aid, but her mom is being more difficult than usual and not even giving her the signature needed to fill out the paperwork. Meanwhile, Jenelle complains to her boyfriend Kieffer that her mom never says she loves her. Wow. The Catelynn resemblances here are uncanny.
Jenelle’s Tally: 1 Catelynn for majorly fighting with her mom, plus 1 Farrah for a much-needed cry sesh.

Chelsea: Chelsea and her baby daddy have taken the next step in their relationship — he moved into her and Megan’s apartment. But not before Chelsea and Megan made a list of rules he had to follow before moving in, such as, um, putting Chelsea and Aubree before his cars. Seems easy enough. And Chelsea’s dad? Yeah, he is definitely not thrilled.
Chelsea’s Tally: 1 Maci for moving in with her boyfriend.

Kailyn: Kailyn’s also starting school, which is hard in and of itself when you have an infant to take care of. But on top of that, she and Jo got kicked out of his parents’ house after Jo had a fight with his dad. And it looks like their only option might be moving to New Jersey. The horror.
Kailyn’s Tally: 1 Amber for trying to make it work with her baby daddy.

Leah: We didn’t learn much about Leah this week, except that her boyfriend, Corey, can’t babysit the twins alone for more than like, 5 seconds. Also? She can’t go to school right now because it’s too hard when you have two kids to take care of. Uh, ya think?!
Leah’s Tally: 1 Amber for leaving her babies home with their dad. Not a bad thing!

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