Teen Mom 2 Recap: Who Pulled a “Farrah” on Last Night’s Ep?

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Last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 had Chelsea and Leah taking the next step with their baby daddies, and others, like, uh, Jenelle, taking a step back with her baby. But who was the most Farrah or the most Maci on last night’s ep?

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BUZZ: Who was the most Maci on last week’s ep?

Jenelle: Last night we saw Jenelle meet a new dude, Kieffer, at a friend’s house. The two became fast friends (and by friends we mean gave each other hickeys), and Jenelle stayed out all night with him even though she was supposed to wake up early to babysit Jace the next morning. Responsible. Then, she eventually introduces Kieffer to the baby and her mom, who isn’t exactly pleased that her daughter is dating an unemployed high school dropout. Makes sense.
Jenelle’s Tally: 1 Farrah for putting a guy before her baby, plus another Farrah for having a screaming match with her mom. Again.

Chelsea: Things heat up between Chelsea and her baby daddy literally, since the air conditioning in her apartment wasn’t working. But we give Adam some credit, since it seems like he’s trying to be a good dad, but Chelsea’s dad? Not at all happy that they’re back together. And Chelsea’s roomie Megan isn’t exactly pleased with Chelsea’s decision to get back with Adam either — or her contemplating letting him move in with them. Yikes.
Chelsea’s Tally: 1 Maci for trying to make it work with her baby daddy, and, fine, we’ll throw in 1 Amber there too for the same reason.

Kailyn: Kailyn seems really upset about her breakup with Jordan (NOT), but at least she and Joe are now on better terms! The two actually talk to each other like human beings and Joe even contemplates getting back together since he “wants his family back.” Meanwhile, Kailyn gets depressed that all her friends are going away for college and she’s stuck at a local school that she can’t even afford. But, she asks Joe for a $600 loan and he happily obliges. Best. Ex-boyfriend. Ever.
Kailyn’s Tally: 1 Maci for going to school.

Leah: Leah, Corey and their twins were pretty much one big happy family this ep, frolicking on the beach and even renting their very own house. They agree to make it work, even though Leah’s mom and friends think it’s too much too soon. As for baby Ali’s medical issues? Whatever. They’ll just deal with those as they come up.
Leah’s Tally: 1 Amber for moving in with her baby daddy and 1 Catelynn for being an oh-so-adorable couple. For the time being.

And the winner is? Well, no one, really, but Jenelle wins for Most Farrah and Kailyn reminds us most of Maci. Until next week’s ep, that is…

Do you agree with our tally? Which part of last night’s episode was your fave?