Teen Mom 2 Recap: Who Pulled a Farrah and Who’s the Most Maci? Welcome to Our New Point System!

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We hate to compare Teen Mom 2 to the first season of Teen Mom and the four original girls, but since both sets of teenage mothers have similar situations and similar problems, we can’t help it. So from here on out, in our recap in each ep of Teen Mom 2, we’re going to grade Leah, Chelsea, Jenelle and Kailyn on a point system, and see which girl comes out the most Farrah, Maci, Caitlyn or Amber.

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Confused? We’ll explain. Just read on for our full recap of last night’s ep, “Change of Heart,” and you’ll quickly see what we mean…

Jenelle: We’ve gotta hand it to the girl, who really acted like a true mom on last night’s ep:
She signed over temporary custody to her mom, Barbara, which means Jenelle gets 1 Maci for being a mature, responsible mother.
But, on the downside, her and her mom butt heads and Barbara screamed when Jenelle asked to take baby Jace with her to see the fireworks, so she gets 1 Farrah for fighting with her mom.
Jenelle’s Tally: 1 Maci, 1 Farrah

Chelsea: Oh, Chelsea. Where do we begin? Well, we’ll start here:
Chelsea and her baby daddy, Adam, who wins for biggest douche-bag of the century, try to make it work. Chelsea, you get 1 Amber for trying to make it work with your daughter’s dad.
But, we gotta hand it to Adam, because he did almost prove himself, babysitting Aubree while Chelsea went to find out more info on enrolling in beauty school. He even fed her and changed her diaper, like a real life dad! Adam, we gotta give you 1 Tyler for that one.
Chelsea’s Tally: 1 Amber, 1 Tyler

Kailyn: Just like we did last week, we felt really bad for Kailyn on last night’s ep. First, her baby daddy’s family screamed at her for having a new BF while still living under their roof. So, in a very emotional unemotional phone call, Kailyn breaks up with Jordan. And that’s that. 1 Amber for you!
Later on, Kailyn goes to her college orientation and brings baby Isaac with her. We’ll give her 1 Maci for putting her education first.
Kailyn’s Tally: 1 Amber, 1 Maci

Leah: Throughout the whole ep, Leah has a hard time accepting that something might be wrong with baby Ali, but:
At least she has Corey there to support her! Leah and Corey go bowling, watch the fireworks, and quickly decide to get back together for the sake of their babies. Leah gets 1 Catelynn because, not gonna lie, her and Corey are oh-so-cute together.
But, Leah was ridiculously emotional throughout the beginning of the episode, giving 1 Farrah for unnecessary crying. Sorry.
Leah’s Tally: 1 Catelynn, 1 Farrah

So, this week we’ve got 2 Farrahs, 2 Macis, 2 Ambers and 1 Catelynn and Tyler. Do you agree that our comparisons between the Teen Mom 2 girls and the original cast are uncanny? Who would you compare each new mom to? Tell us below!