Teen Mom 2 Recap: Kailyn Gets a BF and Chelsea Gets Back Together With Hers

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We’re pretty sure that each and every episode of Teen Mom 2 is going to be good (and by good we mean full of drama), and last night’s was pretty much proof.

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We saw Jenelle battle it out with her mom, Chelsea get back together with her baby daddy and, well, read on to get the full recap of last night’s episode and see some pics of the teen moms!

Jenelle: We left off last week with Jenelle’s mom serving her court papers to fight her for baby Jace’s custody. But once Jenelle realized she couldn’t pay the $5,000 lawyer’s fee (yowza), Jenelle decided to make amends with her mom and move back home so she could see her son. Even though her and her mom are living under the same roof, her mom still wants to fight for custody. Bummer.

Chelsea: We really liked Chelsea, and still kinda do, except that this episode she decided to try to make it work with her douche-bag baby daddy, Adam. He sent her mean texts and made her feel horrible after the birth of their daughter, Aubree, but then he came crawling back, saying he “missed” her and wants to try to make it work. Chelsea’s roomie Megan wasn’t too happy about the idea, and frankly, neither are we.

Kailyn: Oy, poor Kailyn. She’s living in the basement of her baby daddy Jo’s, house, even though they’re not together. What’s worse is that she has a new boyfriend, and Jo’s family is not happy. And the fact that they found out about him via Facebook probably doesn’t help.

Leah: Leah’s biggest problem these days isn’t making it work with her baby daddy, Corey, but one of her twins, Ali. The baby has problems with her legs and needs an MRI, and no one really knows if she’ll ever be able to walk. But at least Leah and Corey shared a heartfelt moment at the end of the ep. Can you guys just please get back together already?!

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