Teen Mom 2 Recap: Which Baby Daddy Is this Week’s Biggest Loser?

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Remember when Adam was nice to Chelsea on Teen Mom 2? Nope, we don’t either, because that NEVER happens. EVER. But at least there are guys like Corey in the world to prove that being a teenage dad isn’t the worst thing in the world. We think…

Click on for our Baby Daddy Tallies from this week’s ep of Teen Mom 2!

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Chelsea: Chelsea and Adam still fight (why do we feel like we say that every week? Oh, wait..), but this time the fight is over why Chelsea won’t let him see Aubree. Her reasoning is that he’s not a supportive father financially, so why should she get to see his daughter? Touche. Oh, right, and Chelsea also finds out that Adam has a new girlfriend — who’s ugly, might we add — that he’s living with. Some great dad, huh?
Baby Daddy Tally: We’re giving Adam a generous 4/10. Consolation points for at least attempting to see his kid, but finding a new girlfriend and moving in with her, like, a second after him and Chelsea break up? Major deduction.

Jenelle: Life is sucking for Jenelle right now. First, she was fighting with Kieffer so she couldn’t sleep at his cousin’s place anymore. Then, she missed two days of work because of her “family problems” and ended up quitting. Then, her mom decided to charge her with credit card fraud for stealing her cards when she and Kieffer went to New Jersey. Ugh. Poor Jace.
Baby Daddy Tally: Truth, Kieffer was barely in this episode so we can’t really give him a score. Except we can give him a score in life, which is a big fat zero for doing a big fat nothing. Ever.

Leah: Leah and Corey are going back and forth again with if they should get married right away — he seems pretty ready but she’s, um, not. But their bigger problem of the moment is dealing with baby Ali, who they took to a second doctor for another opinion. The good news? There’s nothing wrong with her bones. The bad news? She needs to see a geneticist and the doctors have no idea if she’ll ever walk. Sad face.
Baby Daddy Tally: Corey gets a deduction this week for pushing marriage on Leah if she’s not ready, but then we were like, “Wait, no Corey’s awesome at being a dad and a redneck boyfriend.” 8/10!

Kailyn: After last week’s fiasco, Kailyn decides to get a formal custody agreement for Isaac so that she and Jo have specific days with him and can’t take him away from the other person. Smart thinking. But not so smart thinking? Dropping her chemistry class which she needs to become a Dental Hygienist because she can’t handle that class and Isaac all at once. Eek.
Baby Daddy Tally: Like Kieffer, Jo was MIA this episode, but unlike Kieffer, he’s actually a decent person. So, why not. Let’s give him a 5/10.

Agree with our tallies of the week? What would you have given Jo, Kieffer, Corey and Adam? Share in the comments!