Teen Mom 2 Recap: This Week’s Worst Baby Daddy Shouldn’t be a Surprise

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A road trip to New Jersey, some garbage bags filled with clothes and a …Lady Gaga concert?! Oh, ya know, just another week for Teen Mom 2. But who wins (and loses) this week for Best and Worst Baby Daddy?

Somehow we think you won’t be surprised by our choices…

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Chelsea: Chels and Adam break up — for real this time — since she finally realized what a douche he was being. Uh, ya think? And to get her mind off her “heartbreaking” breakup, Chelsea took baby Aubree to the butterfly park with her friend Tiffany and her baby and Megan, plus they spent a weekend away to go to a Lady Gaga concert for “teen time.”
Baby Daddy Tally: If we could give Adam negative points we would, but we’ll give him a 1/10 for, ya know, doing absolutely nothing good, as per usual. But well give him one point because he at least did say he’d miss Aubree.

Jenelle: Jenelle and BF Kieffer decide to road trip it up from North Carolina to New Jersey to stay with Kieffer’s brother. How do they get there, you ask? Oh ya know, just by stealing Jenelle’s mom’s credit cards to pay for food and gas. Barb was not happy when she found that out, so she packed up Jenelle’s clothes in garbage bags and left them on the porch for her to pick up. And when Jenelle came to pick ’em up? Barb started screaming and told Jenelle to never come back. Awkward.
Baby Daddy Tally: 3/10 for um, well, for uh, whatever, we’re just deducting lots of points because he should know that using Barbara’s credit cards is so not a good idea.

Leah: Unfortunately, Leah and Corey weren’t the happy-go-lucky couple this episode that they usually are. Even their bachelor and bachelorette parties seemed more like a chore than a fun activity, don’tcha think? And when Leah tells Corey that she feels overwhelmed with wedding planning and isn’t sure she wants to get married, he tells her that if they don’t get married that they shouldn’t be together. Hey, at least he’s a guy that wants to get settle down…
Baby Daddy Tally: Sorry, Corey, you’re only getting 6/10 this week.

Kailyn: All seemed to be good for Kailyn and Jo, since they finally had a civil conversation and agreed that Kailyn could come pick up her stuff once she gives Jo the money he owes him. But then when she actually went to his house to pick it up? More drama, where Jo refused to let Kailyn look in her bags of stuff and Kailyn insisted on making sure everything was there. It was not pretty.
Baby Daddy Tally: 5/10. We’ll give him half because he’s being a good dad and actually taking care of Isaac, but deducting because his behavior towards Kailyn? So not approps.

So…Corey and Jo came close this week, eh? Do you agree with our tallies? What would you give each of the baby daddies? Tell us in the comments!