Teen Mom 2 Recap: Get to Know Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah and Kailyn!

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In true Teen Mom fashion, last night’s episode, the first of season 2 featuring a whole new cast, was definitely not lacking in baby daddy drama, financial problems and fights with parents. Jenelle‘s argument with her mom put Farrah and Deborah’s fights to shame (really), Kailyn‘s baby daddy drama felt a bit like Maci and Ryan all over again, and Chelsea‘s longing for a “real” relationship reminded us a lot of Farrah, too. But the new crop of moms have even more problems that the original girls never had to deal with. Oy.

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Click on for a rundown on the show’s premiere episode and the new girls, and tell us — which girl is your fave so far?

Jenelle: We saw Jenelle and her mom Barbara duke it out on 16 & Pregnant, but it looks like baby poop’s about to really hit the fan on Teen Mom. Barbara gets mad when Jenelle goes out instead of staying home with baby Jace, and when Jenelle is home and taking care of her son, Barbara insists on doing it herself. What gives? But here’s the doozy — Barbara is ordering Jenelle to court to fight for custody. Uh oh.

Chelsea: Chelsea’s lucky because she’s got really supportive parents — and a dad who’s willing to pay the rent for her to move out assuming she keeps up with her schoolwork. So Chelsea moves into a house with her BFF Megan and her daughter, Aubree. As for baby daddy, Adam? He and Chelsea barely talk, and Chelsea just wants to find someone who will treat her well. Don’t we all, honey.

Kailyn: Kailyn’s sitch is kinda tricky, because she and her son Isaac live with her baby daddy, Joe, and his fam. But when they break up? No big deal, Kailyn just moves to the basement. Awkward alert! Meanwhile, she works at Sports Authority and one of her co-workers seems to really want to date her…

Leah: Leah and her ex, Corey, have twins (2 adorable little girls), which means double the drama. They seem to share custody of the babies, but can’t seem to make their relationship work. All the poor girl wanted was Corey to come to her high school graduation, but he was a no show! But he kinda made up for it at the end of the eppie when they had dinner together to celebrate their one year anniversary and the tears were a flowin’. Somehow we think these two will work it out…

Which of the new moms is your fave? Are you going to watch this season? Tell us your thoughts below!