Get to Know Teen Host Meghan, aka Strawburry17, a Little Bit Better!

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By now, we’re sure you know — and love! — Teen host Meghan Camarena, aka Strawburry17, but we wanted you to get to know her on a deeper level. Meghan has done tons of shows with us in the past, but she has two brand new shows coming your way starting April 22.

So, what can we expect from Meghan’s new shows? A whole lot of fun, that’s what! She’ll once again be collaborating with her YouTube bestie Joey Graceffa, for Prank Off and PWND. On Prank Off, Joey and Meghan will be pranking each other and other YouTubers. And for PWND, Joey and Meghan will take on their fave past time — gaming!

Before her new shows launch we wanted you guys to know her a little better, so, read the survey below to learn more about what makes her tick and click here to subscribe to Teen on YouTube.

Where you might know me from: Movies like pitch perfect and twilight

Three words to describe my show on Teen: consequential, LOL, fantastic

Celebrity crush: Jimmy Wong

Least favorite vegetable: I LOVE ALL VEGETABLES

The song you’re listening to the most right now: Still into you-paramore

Favorite channel to watch on YouTube: Dailygrace

Person I’d most like to collaborate with on a video or interview: Tina fey

The three people or things you would bring with you to a zombie-infested desert island: Machete, will smith, and food.

Watch Meghan’s new shows — Prank Off and PWND — every Monday and Friday starting April 22!