Teen Columnist Talks All Things Love on Valentine’s Day

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Lily Zweig

Lily Zweig

Love. It makes your heartbeat fast, often allows your heart to break fast, but also is a rare gift acquired in a lifetime. This concept of admiration surrounds us from childhood to motherhood and every second in between. Valentine’s Day is a happy time for those who have it and seems like a solemn reminder for those who don’t.

Having a boyfriend seems the most important thing to seek as a girl of any age-the stress of finding one an unnecessary burden. This day in age, we hear about 1st graders falling in “love,” 7th graders sharing a passionate kiss on the bat mitzvah dance floor, and 16-year-olds preparing to become mothers.

Needless to say, us teenage girls who lack this love, ironically enough feel like a minority. All too often we convince ourselves that the vital components of life are those people who can make it better. On the 14th day of the month of February we have two roads. We are offered a choice, and yet often times we do not recognize our option in approaching this day.

As naïve teenagers we choose to take the route most traveled; meandering our way through the halls moping that love has not yet come our way. We notice the doorsteps marked with roses, the lockers filled with chocolate, and the aroma of affection practically fills the air. However we can choose to celebrate this rough day, as the holiday it was meant as.

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day CAN be something positive. Yes, even as a high schooler. We can choose happiness. Take this day as an opportunity to express your uttermost gratitude to those you love wholeheartedly. To those few people, who will never break your heart. Whose love towards you, has no end. Never allow yourself to feel as though a boyfriend will complete you. That by welcoming a boy into your life, happiness will be brought your way.

Someone once told me, “Never let anyone determine your happiness” and never will I live a day without those words. Take the steps necessary in order to make this Valentine’s Day exactly what it needs to be. Tell a best friend you love them, remind your parents how grateful you are for the life they provide, share a moment with a sister, call an uncle. Or, look in the mirror and be proud of standing up to be the type of girl who doesn’t need a boy. Embrace and appreciate the love that surrounds you each day.

Don’t wish for anything different. Don’t wish for anything more. Do not define love as something given to a girl by a boy, because the words hold no meaning at all. It is the actions backing up those words, that sum up the true definition. The support from a friend during struggle, the hand wiping away the tears, the sacrifices made by family to provide something special for you! This makes up love.

Don’t make this a day about the admiration of a soul mate. Make it about love for those who adore you for exactly who you are. Everyone has someone. Go acknowledge that person. Go thank that person. Go be that person. Choose to take the road less traveled.. make this your Valentine’s Day- and make it a day to remember.

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